Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Malt sprouts
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Flowering and green plants

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Flowering and green plants
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Plants fertilized with MALTaflor universal grow under bad conditions, like e.g. bad soil conditions and dryness, and when over-fertilized (see right picture) better than with conventional fertilizers. This is due to the phytohormones contained in Maltaflor universal which guarantee an above-average root growth, vitality and highly improved flowering production..


Unfavourable soil conditions which can be compensated by Maltaflor universal are:


  • Clayey soil

  • Sandy soil

Left: Tagetes fertilized with mineral fertilizer, right: Tagetes fertilized with Maltaflor universal


By using Maltaflor universal the rooting of the soil is improved. Clayey soil are loosened and thus water can flow through better. Sandy soil are hardened due to the stronger and increased amount of rooting.


Pot cultures and potted plants

A test of the Geisenheim Research Institute found out that Maltaflor universal has a positive effect on the growth and the external quality of the plants.


Maltaflor universal and covered fertilizer 4M in comparison:



Fresh weight of pot chrysanthemum dependent on fertilizer form and nutrient offer. Source: Research institute, Geisenheim.


The best growth with a fertilizer input of 500 mg N per litre substrate was achieved with Maltaflor universal. This corresponds to a fertilizer input, taking 75% N-utilization into account, of 12,5 g Maltaflor universal per litre. Not even with an input of 750 mg per litre (=3,75 g/litre fertilizer) was this growth achieved with the covered fertilizer 4 M.

We recommend:

MALTaflor universal