Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Cost savings through long-term effects

The necessity of making economies sometimes cause the use of fertilizers on sport lawns which have no or just little long-term effect. This can lead to massive damages already after a short time. The compensation of this damage exeeds by far the purchase of a good slow-release fertilizer.


The lawn's ability for regeneration is highly dependent on the nutrients available. Fertilizers without a sufficient long-term effect release their nutrients within a short time which leads to a very high regeneration effort of the lawn during this phase. The consequent strong grass growth necessitates frequent mowing, causing two unnecessary expenditures:

1.) due to frequent mowing labour expenditure rises and,

2.) the nutrients absorbed by the lawn are being removed from the



Some time after the fertilization the nutrients are beeing absorbed and the ability for regeneration decreases. However, the wear of the lawn remains the same which will soon weaken the lawn to such an extent that the sward gets damaged and thinner with more and more bare patches. Under such conditions weeds can grow easily. Such a situation requires to take up cost-intensive recovery measures or the deterioration of the entire area which means a further degradation of quality.


The above described effects already justify the use of a good long-term fertilizer on sports lawns. By using long-term fertilizers on malt sprout basis, however, even some more positive features help to preserve the quality of the lawn. In particular, the strong root-stimulating properties lead to a sturdier sward. The organic vegetable components unite a balancing and animating effect, especially for mineral-stressed base layers.


Root mass formation on sport lawns with the application of Maltaflor as a long-term fertilizer. Source: University of Gießen 1999

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