Herbal organic fertilizer without animal excrements. Sound root growth and rich harvest: MALTaflor based on malt sprout.
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Malt sprouts
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The use of Maltaflor improves the growth success, a good rooting from the outset as well as the stimulation and vitalisation of the substrate and plant.


Maltaflor has always an effectiveness of about 3 months.


Calculate with the help of the substrate calculator the necessary mixing ratio between Maltaflor and other mineral long-term fertilizers with a different duration of effect/runtime.


The calculation considers, on the one hand, the use of Maltaflor in a sufficient quantity in order to achieve the desired positive effects and, on the other hand, the maintenance of the long-term effect (in particular with a runtime clearly above 3 months).



Substrate calculator


Calculate the necessary mixing ration in gram between Maltaflor and the mineral fertilizer:

Running time Mineral fertilizer quantity

Running time of the mineral fertilizer in months.



Please enter amount:



Mineral fertilizer quantity used so far in gram per litre substrate (without the use of Maltaflor).


Please enter amount:




Maltaflor Fertilizer quantity New mineral fertilizer quantity

Maltaflor quantity in gram per litre:



New mineral fertilizer quantity in gram per litre Substrate (in addition to Maltaflor):





So far: 3 g mineral fertilizer/litre substrate with a running time of 6 months.

Now: 2 g mineral fertilizer/litre substrate with a running time of 6 months and 3 g.


The following companies use Maltaflor as a fertilizer for their soil:


  • Stender AG (www.stender.de)
    The Stender AG offers top-quality soil and substrates in highest quality. The mixture of Maltaflor into your soil is one of the services.

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MALTaflor into their

Floragard Vertriebs GmbH fr Gartenbau
Stender AG